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Badung Sight Seeing

Regency of Badung in Bali which is located between 08 degree South latitude and 115 degree east longitude, shaped like a "kriss" the regency which has only 418,52 square kilometers of land, divided into 4 districts (kecamatan) 40 administrative villages (Desa Dinas & Kelurahan) and as many as 117 traditional villages (desa adat). Those villages are again sub-divided into smaller community group known as "Dusun" as many as 297, and 498 "Banjar". Each Banjar in the regency has a Youth Organization named "Seekaa Teruna Teruni" (STT).more details

Gianyar Sight Seeing

Gianyar is the very heart of Bali a modern and prosperous center of the arts with a history dating back a thousand years. Most of the cultural activities relating to tourism on the island from painting and woodcarving to dance and music are focused here, as is a broad range of agricultural activities.

Gianyar is the second most densely populated district of Bali (after Badung), with the majority of its 340,000 people relying upon tourism for their income. Nevertheless, the region is quite diverse, economically as well as geographically. The old harbors of Ketewel and Kramas down on the coast are still fishing villages, while up in the mountainous plateau above Ubud, vanilla, coffee and cloves are grown. The rich volcanic soils in between are fed by two of Bali’s major rivers the Ayung and the Petanu and from these soils grows some of Bali’s best rice.more details

Klungkung Sight Seeing

Outside the busy town, Klungkung offers a contrast of landscapes from the lush hills on the road leading to Besakih temple, to the stark gravel pits to the east, formed when Mt Agung erupted in 1963, its lava flows laying waste to the ricefields of the area. The villages of Klungkung are among the most charming in Bali, and have been major prize winners in the all Bali ”œbeautiful village” competitions sponsored by the government.

One of the natural highlights of the FGungkung area is the great Unda River just east of the city. Floods and changes in the river’s course figure in many episodes of Klungkung’s traditional history. Nowadays its caprices are kept in check by a system of dams and man-made dikes, built with the voluntary aid of those who live by the river and are dependent on its waters for their survival. more details

Bangli Sight Seeing

The region of Bangli, up in the higher elevations of central-eastern Bali. embraces some of the island’s most spectacular scenery. This is a relatively remote region, with a population of only 188,000”” second lowest of Bali’s eight regencies after tiny Klungkung.

The overwhelming majority still derive a livelihood from agriculture, growing rice, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava and cabbages on non-irrigated fields, as well as coffee, tobacco, vanilla, citrus, passion fruit and cloves, much of it for export. Tourism is not well-developed here, with the notable exception of Kintamani and other towns up on the crater of Mt Batur, which on account of its breathtaking views has become one of the island’s major tourist stops. more details

Karangasem Sight Seeing

The beautiful eastern regency of Karangasem is truly something special distinguishing itself in so many ways from the rest of the island. Physically it is dominated by the towering presence of Mt Agung (3142 m), the island’s most sacred and highest volcano, whose dramatic foothills and lava flows provide some of the most spectacular landscapes found anywhere in Bali.

High up on Mt Agung’s southern flanks perches the great ”˜Mother Temple” of Besakih, while to the south and east lie a number of more or less isolated villages that have played a key role in Balinese history. more details

Singaraja Sight Seeing

The important and historic realm of Buleleng is a narrow strip of land running the entire length of the island. Bounded to the north by the Bali Sea, it shares borders with Karangasem to the east and with Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung and Bangli to the south.

The spectacular chain of volcanoes that stretches right across the island for a distance of some 150 kms forms a natural frontier between Buleleng and all of the southern regencies. These mountains often appear as a distant backdrop, while at other times they seem to gently unfold right down to the coast. Lying between the mountains and the sea, Buleleng is a region of exquisite natural beauty. more details

Tabanan Sight Seeing

Tabanan encompasses a broad range of landscapes from the lofty peaks in the north, including Mt Batukau and part of Mt Bratan ,with its dramatic volcanic lake, to the verdant rice plains in the south. Beautiful black sand beaches between Pasut and Klatingdukuh are now being developed for tourism, but apart from the famous seaside temple of Tanah Lot, this is not yet a touristed area.

Many rivers run north to south from the mountains to the sea. The roads follow their courses, with only a few running east to west. The main highway from Java passes through the gently-sloping southern part of Tabanan along the coast. This has turned Tabanan Town into a thriving commercial center. more details

Jembrana Sight Seeing

Who first settled the forbidding Jimbar Wana? The earlist evidence of human habitat on Bali has in fact been discovered at Gilimanuk near the island’s western tip. Not much is known about these prehistoric people. Most people in Jembrana can tell you where they are originally from, and if you drive up one of the many side roads that snake into the mountains, you will encounter places like Bangsal Gianyar and Bangsal Bangli entire communities transplanted to jembrana a generation ago.

Some of them had religious motives for coming here. Palasari and Belimbingsari in Melaya district, for example, are the largest Catholic and Protestant communities on Bali. Palasari’s handsome Catholic church is the largest in eastern Indonesia.more details

Favourite Bali Villas

Ubud Hanging Garden

Surrounded by ancient trees and gravity-defying terraced gardens, this unique haven nestles on a dramatic hillside overlooking the Ayung river gorge.

ubud villasPerched adjacent to steep rice terraces looking out to a temple on the opposite hill, this breathtaking property's individual Villas are all constructed in contemporary Balinese style with thatched alang-alang roofs and private plunge pools.

See more information's of Ubud Hanging Garden.

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