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Badung Regency

Regency of Badung in Bali which is located between 08 degree South latitude and 115 degree east longitude, shaped like a "kriss" the regency which has only 418,52 square kilometers of land, divided into 4 districts (kecamatan) 40 administrative villages (Desa Dinas & Kelurahan) and as many as 117 traditional villages (desa adat). Those villages are again sub-divided into smaller community group known as "Dusun" as many as 297, and 498 "Banjar". Each Banjar in the regency has a Youth Organization named "Seekaa Teruna Teruni" (STT).

Total population of Badung regency is approximately 280.000 people, with the average density of 672 people/sq. kilometers. In compliance with the state objective; the harmony between material and spiritual development justly and evenly, the Governmental structure down to the rural villages play important role.

The lowest level of Government programs also encourage people's consciousness to take part actively in all development fields, no matter boys or girls. As the regency is headed by Regent (Bupati), Pak Camat, Desa, heads the District and Dusun are headed by Perbekel (Lurah) and Klian Banjar/ Kepala Dusun.

In this five years term development Badung is divided into 3 Development Territories.
1. North-Badung: Includes Districts of Petang and Abiansemal centered in Blahkiuh. The nomination here in board term, and ground conservation.
2. Central-Badung: cover the whole Mengwi district with food crops Agriculture, and home industry priority.
3. South Badung: Tourism industry, education and commercial are the priority in this area which embrace: Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Bukit, Jimbaran and Kedonganan.

Agriculture and industries (especially home industry and small-scale industries) supporting tourism sector are hoped to be intensively expanded. Extension in tourism sector is up on cultural-base rooted to Hindu religion. Tourism sector become the main sector to strengthen foreign exchange, devise, employment, equity of earnings and private business, which finally increase the community welfare.


Nambangan was said to be the name of the regency before Badung was forged by Gusti Ngurah Made Pemecutan in the late 18th century. He who aided by magical kriss and whip conquered Mengwi, and Jembrana until 1810. He was succeeded by two other "Rajas" of whom the demise seems to have been engineered by the successor, presumably brother, Raja Kesiman, who ruled trough crucial years of 1829 to 1863.

He showed him self to be predisposed to the world beyond Bali and giving cause for hope to the Dutch. The Dutch were allowed to set up recruiting station at Kuta in 1826, return for handsome bounty paid to the response. A Danish trader, Mads Johannes Lange, who came to Bali when he was 18 took mediator role, where the raja then got attractive cut, since than Mads Lange who was born in 1806 got good relationship to most raja in the island.

In 1856, Lange was ill and tired, decided to head back to Denmark but he died suddenly before his ship left port. Kuta is also place where Captain Cornelius de Houtman and his crews pitched up in 1557, when 20.000 Balinese troops on the way to defend Blambangan from the encroaching Moslem of Mataram kingdom. In 1904, a Chinese Ship "Sri Komala" ran aground off Sanur under the Dutch flag.

The Dutch accused the local people to strip the wreck of its contents and claimed the raja for all his lost and damages of three thousand silver dollars and punish the culprits. The refusal of raja of the accusation to pay compensation, causing them to prepare the sixth Military expedition to Bali on September 20th 1906. Three battalions on infantry and two batteries of artillery arrived off the coast of Badung.

After the bombardment, they marched toward Denpasar, and at the gate, they met no resistance. They were greeted by the crowded all in white costume ready to die at " Puputan" Commanded by the raja, his priests, his generals and all his relatives, men and women, adorned themselves with jewels and the dress of warrior, set out amidst the battle.

Abided by his religion, the ultimate goal of the warrior is to die in battle; the soul may ascend to heaven. Surrender to Tabanan, West of Badung in 1908, the raja of Klungkung also held Puputan, giving the Dutch control the island.
In 1914 the army was replaced by a police force and the Dutch reorganized the Government. Although the remaining princes were deprived of political power, they maintained much of their influence and importance as patron of the art.

Bali's culture was safe guarded and enjoyed a renaissance during the three decades of Dutch control. The town of Denpasar which of 3 Kecamatan (districts) used to be part of Badung Regency before it was assigned to be municipality on February 227, 1992.


Denpasar has two hotels of historical and cultural note””Bali Hotel and the Pemecutan Palace Hotel. The rest of the hotels in Denpasar are Losmen-style, catering mostly to groups and domestic tourists. If you’re on a tight budget and travel with a group, these can be a great bargain. During the Indonesian holiday seasons (June through August, Lebaran and Christmas/New Year), the hotels fill up, so make reservations in advance.

Dharmawisata Jl. Imam Bonjol 83, Phone 484186 32 rooms. With swimming pool and clean and pleasant Indonesian-style bathrooms. Fan $5, AC $20.

Dirgapura JI. Diponegoro 128, phone 226924, 26 rooms. Each room faces the garden. $3.

Natour Bali Jl. Veteran 3, phone 225681, fax 235347, 75 rooms. The first hotel on Bali built by the Dutch in the early 1930s and now part of the Natour chain. Centrally located ar the town square, this was where authors Miguel Covarrubias, Cohn McPhee and others stayed, It has a good restaurant famous for its a rijsttafel, and a swimming pool. Many rooms with AC, hot water, phone. $28, suite $31””$45.

Pemecutan Palace JI. Thamrin 2, phone 423491. 37 rooms. This hotel occupies one side of the Badung palace grounds, and palace life continues around you. Caged songbirds awaken you in the morning. $10””$12.
Suli Inn Jl. Suli 19. 15 rooms in the up-market part of town. $6 fan, $9 AC, Incl breakfast

Taman Wisata JI. Nangka 98A, phone 236015, 41 rooms. Comfortable and clean, $5 fan, $8- $15AC.


Denpasar is a great place for all styles of Indonesian and Chinese food to European dishes. Prices are very reasonable. Many good restaurants are found on JI. Teuku Umar, JI. Sumatra and on JI. Veteran. near the Satria bird market. Also check out the night markets and food centers in Kreneng area another is outside the Kumbasari shopping center. Food mostly Javanese and Balinese like " Babi Guling "


Denpasar is where Balinese villagers come for all their day-to-day necessities. Most shops Close at 1 pm, re-open 6 pm””10 pm. Pasar Badung is Bali’s biggest traditional market. Located the eastern bank of the Badung river, it is in the heart of the city. The first floor has fresh produce flower offerings and spice vendors. The third floor has textiles, dance costume and traditional accessories. At Denpasar supermarkets and department stores prices are fixed and cheap, and quality is high.

The main ones are: Tiara Dewata, Ramayana at Bali Mall, Matahari, Libi, Rimo, Kerta Wijaya, Alfa.

If you want to buy textiles you can go to Jl. Sulawesi because most of the textiles shops runs by arab muslim is located in the area. Traditional textiles you can get it at Lestari (phone 436118) on the ground floor of the Lokitasari shopping center, Jl. Thamrin, sells traditional songket fabric directly from the loom. Danar Hadi, at the same shopping center, sells fashionable batiks from Java.

Take a look at Surya Jaya, JI. Gajah Mada 128, for ikat. Kumbasari market, on the west bank of the river, also has a wide variety of songket and batik materials. Pasar Kumbasari and Pasar Badung have all sorts of Balinese crafts for reasonable prices. Satria Art Market specializes in handicrafts.

Also try the craft shops on Jl. Sulawesi and JI. Gajah Mada. For genuine antiques, visit Arts of Asia behind Lokitasari shopping center, JI. Thamrin 27 - 37 phone 423350. JI. Hasanuddin and JI. Sulawesi are full of gold shops. Prices are comparable to Singapore or Hong Kong; the gold is 22””24 carat. Check out the Balinese jewelry made of beaten gold on the second floor of the Kumbasari market. Mega Artshop, JI. Gajah Mada 36-38, (phone 224592) has silver jewelry.

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Sanur today is a golden mile of Baliesque hotels that has attracted millions of paradise seeking globetrotters. And yet, within the very grounds of the 11story The Grand Bali Beach Hotel, a war-reparation gift from the Japanese, nestles the sacred and spikey temple of Ratu Ayu of Singgi, the much feared spirit consort of Sanur’s fabled Black Barong.

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