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Nikko Resort Nusa Dua
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Bali Hotels: A 5-star diamond luxury resort hotel uniquely and dramatically perched above a 40-metre cliff face overlooking the stunning azure Indian Ocean. .

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Jembrana Regency

Who first settled the forbidding Jimbar Wana? The earlist evidence of human habitat on Bali has in fact been discovered at Gilimanuk near the island’s western tip. Not much is known about these prehistoric people.

Most people in Jembrana can tell you where they are originally from, and if you drive up one of the many side roads that snake into the mountains, you will encounter places like Bangsal Gianyar and Bangsal Bangli entire communities transplanted to jembrana a generation ago. Some of them had religious motives for coming here. Palasari and Belimbingsari in Melaya district, for example, are the largest Catholic and Protestant communities on Bali. Palasari’s handsome Catholic church is the largest in eastern Indonesia.

The regency is today inhabited by only about 210,000 people, and is the least densely populated area of Bali. At least eighty percent make their living by farming, harvesting forest products, or fishing. The Bali tiger was last sighted in the 1930s, and the remaining wilds of Jimbar Wana have been incorporated into the Bali Barat National Park. Jembrana today is a beautiful agricultural region, with a unique history and character, reflected in the stories, customs and arts of its people.


A Balinese chronicle accounts for the emptiness of Jembrana in the following way: When the region first came under the authority of the court at Gelgel around 1450, two princes were sent to settle the remote western forests. Gusti Ngurah Pecangakan settled near present day Negara: Gusti Ngurah Bakungan claimed the area around present day Gilirnanuk. Soon a rivalry developed between the two as to who could develop the more beautiful and prosperous court.

On one occasion, Bakungan invited his brother to Gilimanuk to attend a lavish court ceremony, and Pecangakan left his horse tied to a tree where a pig had been slaughtered. The unguarded horse broke free and ran home, first rolling in the grass and overing itself in pig’s blood. Seeing the horse return riderless and bloody, Pecangakan’s wife and family thought he had been killed, and as was the custom they took their own live’s to share his fate. Pecangakan returned to a deserted palace and immediately declared war on his brother out of grief and rage.

Whatever the truth of this tale, the two brothers destroyed each other and their kingdoms in the civil war which ensued. All that remains of them today is a small temple, Pura Bakungan, by the side of the main road one km northeast of Cekek. And as a result, Jembrana remained sparsely populated and barely civilized while the rest of Bali blossomed with court culture. Eventually, a court of souts developed in the town of Jembrana, which in 1803 moved a few kms west to the town of Negara, the present-day capital.


Cahaya Matahari Bungalows Banjar Anyar, Batuagung, 6 bungalows (each 2-3 people). Located in a tiny village on the edge of town, in the middle of riceflelds. Comfortable, quiet. Guides for trekking available.

Homestay Gede Medewi Beach Pekutatan, Jembrana. 4 rooms. Thatched bungalows with shared baths, cold water, no fan. Small restaurant and shop. On the beach. $2.
Medewi Beach Cottages Medewi Beach, Pekutatan, Jembrana. 28 rooms. Modem facilities with hot water, swimming pooi and satellite TV situated in a stunning natural setting: coconut-fringed beach with a backdrop of tall mountains. $15”$20 fan, $40”$60 AC. Lunch or dinner for $10. Cultural dance performance on Sunday nights.

Tinjaya Bungalows Medewi Beach, Pekutatan, Jembrana. 15 bamboo hut bungalows with private baths located just a hundred meters to the west of the Medewi Beach. $5”$15, including toast and coffee.

Bali Beachfront Resorts

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Sanur Beachfront Resorts

Location : Sanur

Sanur today is a golden mile of Baliesque hotels that has attracted millions of paradise seeking globetrotters. And yet, within the very grounds of the 11story The Grand Bali Beach Hotel, a war-reparation gift from the Japanese, nestles the sacred and spikey temple of Ratu Ayu of Singgi, the much feared spirit consort of Sanur’s fabled Black Barong.

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