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Bali Hotels: A 5-star diamond luxury resort hotel uniquely and dramatically perched above a 40-metre cliff face overlooking the stunning azure Indian Ocean. .

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Singaraja Sight Seeing

The important and historic realm of Buleleng is a narrow strip of land running the entire length of the island. Bounded to the north by the Bali Sea, it shares borders with Karangasem to the east and with Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung and Bangli to the south.

The spectacular chain of volcanoes that stretches right across the island for a distance of some 150 kms forms a natural frontier between Buleleng and all of the southern regencies. These mountains often appear as a distant backdrop, while at other times they seem to gently unfold right down to the coast. Lying between the mountains and the sea, Buleleng is a region of exquisite natural beauty.

In former times, the mountain range hampered contact with the rest of Bali, which in turn gave rise to Buleleng’s discrete culture. Buleleng also differs geographically from south Bali: its climate is drier and wet rice cultivation is not as widespread. In the western portion of Buleleng much of Bali’s fruit is produced, while the area is also renowned for the cultivation of coffee and cloves.

Buleleng Place of Interest

Gedong Kertya Museum

On JI. Veteran, stop in at No. 22 on the right-hand side. This is the Gedong Kertya, a library founded by the Dutch in 1928 for the preservation of lontar (Palrn.leaf texts collected in Bali and Lombok A glass display case in the second room contains these traditional manuscripts, as well as several Prasasti (ancient copper plate

Inscriptions). You may be fortunate to witness one of the employees copying an old lontar onto new palm leaves, or even see the now rare art of making prasi (drawings on palm-leaf).

Gitgit Waterfall

If you have private transport, a visit to Gitgit is a must. Ten km south of Singaraja, this is the site of Bali’s most dramatic waterfall. The road to Gitgit climbs steeply, offering fine views along the way. The waterfall, located about 500 m from the main road, is surrounded by lush vegetation. A fine, cooling mist hangs in the air, providing a refreshing welcome after the walk down. Dip your feet in the rushing river below. A rest area suitable for picnics has been built near the base of the falls.

Lovina Beach

Six km west of Singaraja. the popular beach resort of Lovina is a long stretch of black sand bordering the coastal villages of Anturan, Tukad Mungga, Kalibukbuk, Kaliasem and Temukus. Numerous hotels and restaurants have sprung up here, lining the coast for some 7 km.

The pace of life at Lovina reflects the calmness and safety of the sea. This is an excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling, particularly near the reef, and local boats are for hire. The sunsets at Lovina are particularly spectacular.

The name ”úLovina”Ě was coined by the last king of Buleleng. A convert to Christianity, he gave the name to a small tract of land that he purchased at Kaliasem, where he built the Tasik Madu (”úSea of Honey”Ě) Hotel in the 1960s. The name Lnvina sigaifies the ”úlove”Ě that is contained ”úin”Ě the heart of all people.

Banjar Village & Hot Spring

From Temukus it is 3 kms to the twin villages of Dencarik and Banjar. Pass through Dencarik tu the neighboring village of Banjar Tegeha, home of the splendid Buddhist Brahma Arama Vihara. This wihara is the residence of Bali’s only Buddhist monk and it plays a central role in Buddhist religious life and education. Opened in 1971, it replaces another founded in Banjar in 1958.

It combines architectural and iconographic elements found throughout the Buddhist world. Quiet, cool, and set high in the hills, it commands a view down to the ocean. For 10 days each April and September the wihara is closed to the public while people from around the world assemble here to practice meditation. Visitors are requested to dress in a respectful manner, to speak softly, and to remove their shoes before entering.

Banjar is also the site of the so-called Air Panas, a sacred hot-spring. In 1985 the sulphurous spring water was channelled into a public bathing area consisting of 3 pools, set in a tasteful blend of jungle and garden, The water is a pleasant 38 C. There are changing rooms, showers, toilets and a restaurant.

Pulaki Temple

Pura Pulaki lies some 30 km past Seririt on the coast, Pura Pulaki is located in unusual terrain - a rock-face rises perpendicularly on the left-hand side of the road while the glimering Ocean laps the right-hand side. Pulaki, the home of monkeys who have a reputation for snatching bags and cameras, has recently undergone restoration and extension.

The temple has a fascinating history that is linked to to the legendary personage of Nirartha a Javanese priest who migrated to Bali in the 16th century. It is told that prior to his arrival a village of 8000 people existed here. When Nirartha visited, the village leader requested a boon that Nirartha granted: the entire village was to be given supernatural knowledge that would enable it to attain an immaterial state.

The invisible occupants of this village became known as gamang or wong samar and form the entourage of Goddess Melanting, whose abode is the nearby Pura Melanting. The Balinese in these parts fervently believe in the existence of the gamang and routinely make offerings to them.

For example, it is held that the entry of gamang into one’s houseyard is heralded by the howling of dogs. Occasional reports even circulate of the sighting of gamang who have momentarily materialized ”Ē they are said to have no upper lip and carry a plaited bag over one shoulder.

Menjangan Island

The most beautiful, unspoiled coral reefs in Bali are located off the coast of Pulau, Menjangan (”úDeer Island”Ě) - Comprising hundreds of species of coral, these reefs extend 100 to 150 m from the shore, then drop 40 to 60 m down to the ocean floor. Menjangan and the nearby mainland are excellent places for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. A 45 minute nature walk on Pulau Menjangan, which is uninhabited except for the Java Deer, affords beautiful panoramic views of the mountainous mainland.

To reach Pulau Menjangan, hire a boat at Labuhan Lalang, just opposite the island on the north coast of Bali. The round-trip cost is about $20 for 6 people. Snorkeling and scuba equipment are not available here, but you can organize this through one of the many diving tour operators in Kuta or Sanur. The boat will stop wherever you want, and the boatmen are experienced guides. It is forbidden to spend the night on Menjangan, but food and simple lodgings are available at Labuhan Lalang.

Makam Jayaprana

At Teluk Terima, a short distance down the road, visit Makam Jayaprana. the gravesite of Jayaprana. According to Balinese legend, Jayaprana was an orphan who was raised by the ruler of Kalianget village. As an adult he married the lovely Nyoman Layonsari from the neighboring village of Banjar.

However, the ruler himself became enamoured of Javaprana’s bride and schemed to kill Jayaprana to have her for himself. He dispatched Jayaprana with an army to contain a band of pirates who he said had arrived in northwestern Bali. On arrival at Teluk Terima the ruler’s minister killed and buried Jayaprana. When the ruler asked Layonsari to marry him, however, she chose to remain faithful to her husband and committed suicide.

The temple marking jayaprana’s grave is a long and steep climb but the views from about halfway across to Mt Semeru on Java. to Menjangan Island. and to Gilimanuk at the western tip of Bali. make the effort all worthwhile. The temple, which contains a glass case displaying statues of Jayaprana and Layonsari, is pure kitsch.

Air Sanih

Seventeen km from Singaraja is the well known beach resort of Air Sanih. Its main attraction is not its beach but rather a swimming pool located near the beach. Its icy water originates from a spring and is said to flow at a rate of 800 liters per second. Not as popular with visitors as Lovina, Air Sanih with its accommodation and restaurants is, nevertheless, a good place to recuperate if you are traveling in the area.

Bali Beachfront Resorts

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Sanur Beachfront Resorts

Location : Sanur

Sanur today is a golden mile of Baliesque hotels that has attracted millions of paradise seeking globetrotters. And yet, within the very grounds of the 11story The Grand Bali Beach Hotel, a war-reparation gift from the Japanese, nestles the sacred and spikey temple of Ratu Ayu of Singgi, the much feared spirit consort of Sanur’s fabled Black Barong.

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