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Nikko Resort Nusa Dua
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Bali Hotels: A 5-star diamond luxury resort hotel uniquely and dramatically perched above a 40-metre cliff face overlooking the stunning azure Indian Ocean. .

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Uluwatu Half Day Tour

Uluwatu Temple Half Day Tour
4 hours, Start: 15.00. Rate: USD 20/person min. 2 person, max 6 person, children under 12 yo free of charge. Family booked of more than 3 adults to max 6 adults enjoy a special rate of USD 55/car. Extra hours at USD 4/hour/car.

Tour is arrange with fully air conditioned car and an english speaking driver. You will be led to visit Bali most remarkable beach view.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue
The substance of the concept was built directly into the architectural plans with the focus on two mutually supportive components that constitute a harmonious fusion, creating an alternative tourist facility with a very special attraction.
The first of these two components is the principal, the statue and its pedestal. This is referred hereafter as Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK).
With it’s immense size, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana is expected to draw the attention of potential visitors within a wide area of sight (20 km. Radius).
The second component is the 230 ha support area which will be developed into a cultural park.

Labuhan Sait Beach
Best beach sight that known by surfers.

Uluwatu Temple
The Bukit’s most famous landmark in Jimbaran is Pura Luhur Uluwatu, an exquisite monument situated on a headland at the westernmost tip of the Peninsula. The carvings which decorate the temple are very well preserved in comparison to many of Bali’s temples, due to the extremely hard, dark gray coral stone used in its construction.

Uluwatu was reputedly built by the architect-priest Mpu Kuturan around the 11th century as one of the six major sad kahyangan territorial temples of the island. The reformer priest Pedanda Wawu Rauh, rebuilt it in its present state in the 16th century. He is said to have attained his moksa (release from earthly desires) here. The temple is home to a small colony of monkeys who have caused some damage to the temple over the years, but still retain their status as sitting tenants.

The temple’s structure follows the tripartite pattern of godly, human and demonic courtyards. The outermost entrance is a candi bentar split gate shaped as a set of curved Garuda wings, an unusual feature as they are usually left smooth. Inside the temple, a second gate is capped by a monstruous Kala head guardian figure. At the foot of the gate, right and left, are two Ganesha ”œelephant god” statues.

The temple underwent renovations in the late 19th century, in 1949, and more recently in the 1980s, and some parts are actually as new as they look. Despite the temple’s mixture of old and new it is a breathtakingly beautiful spot, especially when the sun begins to set.

Kecak Dance at the Uluwatu Temple
The most famous of the Balinese dances, the Kecak originated from the Sanghyang dance choirs who chant a distinctive 'kechak kechak' accompaniment. The Kecak as a dance developed in the 1930's in the village of Bona where it is still perform regularly. Th etheme is taken from the Ramayana and tells the story of Rama who with the help of the mongkey army tries to rescue his wife from the clutches of the evil King Rahwana.

Bali Beachfront Resorts

bali beachfront resorts jimbaran
Sanur Beachfront Resorts

Location : Sanur

Sanur today is a golden mile of Baliesque hotels that has attracted millions of paradise seeking globetrotters. And yet, within the very grounds of the 11story The Grand Bali Beach Hotel, a war-reparation gift from the Japanese, nestles the sacred and spikey temple of Ratu Ayu of Singgi, the much feared spirit consort of Sanur’s fabled Black Barong.

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