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Book your holiday villas in Bali. Available villa rental area such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran or Ubud

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Welcome to Sanur Villas | Bali

Sanur area famous for its beach activities, ranging from parasailing, boat riding and so on. Lots of hotels and Bali villas located in this holidays destination of the world. brings you a class of accommodation in Bali that fulfils your desire for peace and solitude. Your very own stylishly appointed Balinese villa will allow you the freedom to relax in complete privacy. Equipped with spacious living facilities, modern home conveniences and extravagant extras such as a personal swimming pool, your choice of Bali villa will provide a holiday experience that will last forever.

Sanur Villas

Bali Villas in Sanur

natah bale villas sanur
Natah Bale Villas
Price start from US$ 75
pavilions villas sanur
The Pavilions
Price start from US$ 135
waka maya villas sanur
Waka Maya
Price start from US$ 114


the gangsa villas sanur
The Gangsa Bali
Price start from US$ 253
aston legend villas sanur
Aston Legend Villas
Price start from US$ 180
dampati villas sanur
Dampati Villas
Price start from US$ 400


diwangkara holiday villas sanur
Diwangkara Holiday
Price start from US$ 70
parigata spa villas sanur
Parigata Spa Villas
Price start from US$ 120
parigata villas sanur
Parigata Villas Resort
Price start from US$ 129


sri phala villas sanur
Sri Phala Villas
Price start from US$ 61


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